The Larson house


The Larson House was built by Lewis William Larson for his wife and three children in 1888.  It was one of the first homes to be built in the Fosston area.  Mr. Larson was originally from St. Olaf, Iowa.  When he turned thirty-four years of age, he had grown restless and decided to head west for California in search of gold.  Somewhere along the journey he decided to turn back.  He had a feeling he would rather go way up north to the head waters of the Mississippi area.  Mr. Larson had heard stories of an abundance of fish and wildlife just waiting to be caught.  Finally reaching the northland, Mr. Larson decided to settle in the town of Fosston.  He built the house in Fosston, and once it was completed and furnished, he sent for his wife, Johanna and his three children, Bessie, Phinney, and Lillian to join him.  The house wasn't very big in the beginning, but was added onto as the family grew.  The house has been restored and is now a repository for a large collection of historical furnishings, books, photographs and documents.

Information from the Fosston Heritage Center History written by Gregory J. Brickell